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Giving people a pleasurable experience is what we enjoy most about window cleaning. Customers often remark about how they feel different after their windows are clean. They feel more alive, more expansive and if there is a social event they are preparing for; they feel relieved and prepared. It never fails. People say stuff like "I didn't know they were so dirty, there is so much more light in here, I feel great."

            Some ways we make people so pleased is that we strive to be there on time and take good care of their home while we are there. We use skid free pads under our buckets inside and are careful to move things that could get broken and cover things that need to be protected. Outside, Tom has levelers on the bottom of his ladders so he can handle any kind of terrain. The arms on the ladder add stability. Last week, he had to add a safety feature so he could do a high and difficult palladium that had not been done for 5 years. After scraping construction debris off the window, the homeowner was able to enjoy a view of the sky that she had not seen for years. We enjoy doing challenging jobs. My husband is a logician as he has been an advisor to several window cleaning companies for difficult situations. He started washing windows (both residential and commercial) in 1983.

            The basic window job includes using a soft brush to wet windows and then squeegee them clear. Any additional water is wiped off with a lint-free towel. The screens are removed first and wiped down. The sills are scrubbed and wiped. After completing this procedure, everything is put back like it was and relocked. We can also clean chandeliers, sconces and other specialty light fixtures.

            People enjoy us in their home. We are respectful and do our work as quietly as possible. Often, we find an interest we share and can talk to them about it. We enjoy doing windows because we meet interesting people and we can make a BIG difference to them by increasing their enjoyment of their home.      

Now Serving: Carrollton, Marietta, Acworth, Smyrna,  Roswell, Alpharetta, Douglasville, Cartersville

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